I live in Europe, where the history comes from... Apple geek, Java programmer, biker and amateur photographer.


Currently I reside in Prague, the heart of Czech Republic with my two cats. I speak English, Czech and Slovak fluently, still remember something from Spanish and Portuguese and have been studying German ages ago.

In my free time I love to ride my Trek bike in the forest or down the hill, play disc golf, watch good movie or just chill with some game.



Webdesigner and application developer with experience working for clients such as Pilsner Urquell, Stock Plzeň, SABMiller Europe Import Markets, Linet, Česká spořitelna, IDC CEMA and DHL IT Services.


Wide skills with development in XHTML, CSS, JavaScript and programming in PHP. Mainly developing in Java and currently doing support of ServiceNow applications.

Not a stranger to SVN, Git, Maven, Spring, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Unix and others…

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There is a simpler way to write WebDriver tests - with Stories!

The motion behind this project is to simplify writing of WebDriver tests. WebDriver itself is useful tool but most of the time it requires a lot of writing to perform simple operations.

Security TOTP

Time-Base One-Time Password Alogrithm library that adheres to RFC6238 and is compatible with Google Authenticator Application.

Very easy to use and can provide additional level of security without necessity to develop own code generating mobile application.

Demo that demonstrates this feature is available for preview.

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Most of my pictures are taken with my old gear Canon EOS 300D with 24mm f/2.8 lens but currently I prefer my iPhone 4S as it is more compact and I take it almost everywhere.

I love to shoot nature, animals, portraits or abstract objects. I try not to edit my pictures but when I do I currently use Snapseed on my iPhone or iPad.

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